Just Another Life Update

While I know the main purpose of this blog is to be a book blog, I don’t think it would hurt too much to share some other things. So… another life update.

I started my final semester of BYU-PathwayConnect and have applied to matriculate to BYU-Idaho starting in April 2020. I’ve changed my Bachelor program to Business Management because I’ve found I’m just not as passionate about sitting at the computer and coding as I used to be.

I finally got the ASV machine, but the doctor forgot to add the oxygen concentrator to the orders, so to get that part, I have to do another sleep study. I think I’ll hold off because I never needed supplemental oxygen at any of the other three sleep studies and my sleep specialist isn’t overly concerned about it at this point. There is one small problem with my ASV machine though – I can’t sleep while I’m hooked up to it. Kind of defeats the purpose, but I’ve only used it for five nights, so I’ll wait to see if I just need to get used to it before asking my sleep specialist about it.

The episcleritis seems to have mostly cleared itself up. I had to remove myself from the Prednisone eye drops (my doctor had already told me I could if I felt it necessary) because my right eye was so blurry all the time, I couldn’t even see with my glasses on. I just make sure to take my Naproxen tablet (over-the-counter Aleve) every morning and every evening and the redness has stayed mostly away. I’m still waiting to get in to the specialist the eye doctor sent me to, so we’ll see what shakes loose there.

I acquired a bunch of new books recently – they’re mostly used books from a friend who moved out of state and told me I could take whatever of her books I wanted to. I got Desperation and Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King in hardcover. I also got a few Laurell K. Hamilton and Anne Rice books. I bought Blood Heir and Loveboat Taipei as well. I’m a hair over halfway through Blood Heir and I’m a bit over halfway through The Toll as well. Hopefully I can finish Blood Heir soon so I can read Loveboat Taipei for the Barnes & Noble YA Book Club.

I also took a suggestion from Lana @ Bibliomedico and started making to-do lists for myself each night so I can do them the next day. I don’t always get to check everything off, but I do most days.

I think that’s about it for the time being. Hopefully I’ll have book reviews for you soon for Blood Heir, Loveboat Taipei, and The Toll.

An Update On Me

So I know that I’ve been missing from the blogging world and I haven’t really been participating in my blogging group. I’m sorry for that, I’m trying to get caught up at the moment but it might be a while before I am.

First up, my sleep specialist and I have finally gotten what machine and what settings are necessary to keep me breathing at night. I’m getting an ASV (Aut0-Servo-Ventilator) machine and an oxygen concentrator. This will allow me to get enough oxygen at night and allow me to actually keep breathing as the machine uses an algorithm to determine how much air I need to take in and if I’m breathing or not. I’m supposed to get my machine sometime in the next month. So yay for sleep!

Next, I’ve mentioned before that I’ve been battling an issue with my right eye. I was diagnosed with episcleritis, but it just won’t go away. Since episcleritis can be caused by autoimmune disorders and because I do exhibit other symptoms of autoimmune disorders, I’m being sent to a specialist for further testing to see if an autoimmune disorder is the cause of my eye issue.

Add to this that I just finished my second semester of a precursor to going to BYU-Idaho Online for a Business Management degree, and I’ve been busy and not feeling all that great. Hopefully I can get back to blogging soon as I really miss it!