Blogtober: Which villain would you be?

So for today’s prompt, Anniek & The Library Looter are asking which villain I would be. That’s actually a pretty tough question because I’ve never really thought about that.

I will say that my favorite villain is probably Maleficent. But I don’t think I’d actually be her. I’m partial to Oogie Boogie too, but I wouldn’t be him either. I’m thinking I’d probably be the Evil Queen – well, Once Upon a Time’s version of her anyway. I’d like to think that any villain can change – that any villain can see they’ve done wrong and start being good.

Once Upon a Time’s version of the Evil Queen – Regina Mills – seems like just the perfect villain. She tried to ruin Snow’s life for something that was and wasn’t Snow’s fault. But later she realizes that she needs to stop being such an old biddy and start loving people besides Henry. At least that’s what I recall from the show.

So I guess I’d be Regina Mills – the villain who turns at least somewhat good later on.

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