Blogtober: Current Read Aesthetic

So for today’s Blogtober prompt, Anniek & The Library Looter are asking about my current read aesthetic. Since I’m not good with mood boards or photographic aesthetics, I’ll just describe it to you. I think that’s probably best.

My current read aesthetic is spooky, creepy, bloody, gory, witchy, etc. It’s the spooky season, so that means horror, witches, murders, thrillers, and mysteries. Most of the books I’ve delved into this month have either had to do with witches, ghosts, mysteries, thrillers, murders, horror, or any combination of the above. Some of them may not have been creepy or spooky, but they had elements of the spooky season.

Granted, I’m up for a mystery, thriller, horror, or other spooky season type read any time of year, but right now it seems fitting to read those types of books.

What’s your current read aesthetic?

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